A small biosphere on the moon

Hurray for the Chinese space programme!

via Cosmic Penguin Twitter account...

They landed on the moon, and not just that, they also brought a miniature biosphere with seeds and insect eggs to test whether plants and insects could hatch and grow together in synergy.

The experiment includes seeds of potatoes, tomatoes, and Arabidopsis thaliana (a flowering plant), as well as silkworm eggs. Environmental systems will keep the container hospitable and Earth-like, except for the low lunar gravity. If the eggs hatch, the larvae would produce carbon dioxide, while the germinated plants would release oxygen through photosynthesis. It is hoped that together, the plants and silkworms can establish a simple synergy within the container. A miniature camera will photograph any growth.


The container containing the biosphere, seeds and silkworm eggs, the sensors and other equipment to keep all organisms alive and happy.

PS. Thanks Angelo for the heads-up about this fascinating project.

2 months ago