Space-hackers unite!

credits: Jay Wong

Opening BlueCity Lab and pre-hackathon meetup

20 January 13:30-16:30 (and then the opening of BlueCity Lab)

As some of you will know, we’re in the process of building a citizen science kit in collaboration with the European Space Agency. The kit measures relevant plant and environmental data (and engages citizens in this process) which is then used to create ‘plant models’ for a whole variety of plants.

This informal meetup at BlueCity is our fourth meetup, and we’re going to start building a core development team and start preparing for the hackathon in March (28-29) that will deliver the first prototype of the kit.

If you’d like to be part of the inner development circle that produces this kit, or just want to join this informal meetup, please let us know by registering here. If you just want to visit the opening of the BlueCity Lab, please check their Facebook event.

Event partner: BlueCity & Farmhack

About The Space Farm Collective
At Border Sessions 2016 we started the European Space Farm Collective with the European Space Agency (ESA) to facilitate open innovation at the intersection of space and urban farming. Open for inventive urban farmers, food entrepreneurs, bio-hackers, IoT techies, and creative minds with an interest in making our planets habitable for future generations, the collective represents a diverse movement that works on a diverse set of (open source) projects and systems. Want to work with the folks who feed our astronauts? Or work on challenges faced by us earthlings, such as large-scale unsustainable agriculture, shortage of clean drinking water, food shortages?


3 years ago