AstroPlant Office and first team retreat in Ghent

We had a splendid weekend in Ghent last week. On Friday, we were hosted by first, the St Barbara College, where five students this year and more next year will be working with an AstroPlant kit on research into plants as well as building new extensions for it.

We were truly impressed by the quality, dedication, expertise of the students and their experimental and scientific attitude. They had done thorough research into their topics (influence of far-red light on soy plant growth) and prepared a prototype extension to control the temperature in the kit (especially for winter months).

After this visit, we went to the biohacker / makerspace ReaGent and were presented with the work they do on insuline, building materials (fungi), plant-based leather, and more. This was followed by a visit to the former library on the top floor, which is now redesigned as hipster restaurant and the urban agri prototype / makerspace GroeiNEST. And what a splendid fully plant-based dinner we had there. I found out about the delicious Seitan (meat-alternative) and nutritional yeast (was used for a kind-of creamy cheese sause).

The week before, we added our first furniture to our new office at The New Farm in the Hague, the Dutch center for urban agriculture entrepreneurs. We share the office with our colleagues from SmartCrops, and team members Sidney and Seppe are also involved in this startup.

Some impressions in the collage below!


1 year ago