Association for Vertical Farming at the AstroPlant Challenge

One of our speakers at the upcoming AstroPlant challenge is Zjef van Acker. He is an applied bio-engineer from Belgium who has been on a vertical farming quest since 2012. Zjef believes that a vertical farm in all its beauty and magnificence, can become an icon of change. Zjef combines his passion for vertical farming with the passion for international collaboration to help transform our society into a healthy ecosystem. If you ask him if he believes in Utopia, Zjef will give you a very philosophical answer that makes complete sense. Within the Association for Vertical Farming, Zjef is responsible for education and outreach and contributes to urban and vertical farming events around the world. He is an outspoken ‘Mushroom ambassador’ for the research Project Group AVFami (AMI stands for Aquaponics, Mushrooms & Insects).


2 years ago