Back-end development Q1 2019 – upcoming sprints

After another productive meeting at SURFsara’s HQ at Amsterdam Science Park, we came up with a following roadmap for the upcoming 8 weeks. As some of our users know, the back-end may be a bit unreliable, and for a small number of kits, this may not be such a problem, but once we grow into an all-pervasive multi-zillion IoT conglomerate that would become problematic.

Four sprints

sprint 1

  • At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate sending traffic in both directions between a client and the server.
  • Deploy the initial version of the Kubernetes cluster with MQTT server, Kafka, InfluxDB and Grafana.
  • Make a plan for the kit configuration management and data model.

sprint 2

  • At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate sending sensor measurements to the server and actuating devices on the kit.
  • Connect a kit with peripherals to the server and test data pipelines.
  • Further improve the functional layer, including end points for external apps.

sprint 3

  • At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate uploading different configurations to the kits.
  • Work on the management layer based on the plans/inputs from the previous sprints.

sprint 4

  • At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate managing multiple kits and performing different studies in a secure way.
  • Improve the security and the management of the whole platform.

The work is done in collaboration with SURFsara, carried out by David Salek and our team, especially Thomas Churchman.

2 weeks ago