Good community and feedback @thingscon020 in BlueCity

If there was one moment which really kickstarted AstroPlant’s development, it would have been the 2-day hackathon at the amazing tropical swimming paradise turned into circular economy hub Blue City in Rotterdam.

So it was great to be back at this place, and honoured to be invited to give a workshop at the leading IoT for good conference ThingsCon, we want to thank again the organisers who gave us a slot for our open ideation workshop on AstroPlant. With nice results in the pocket we made this little summary to get you up to speed of recent developments.

With a divers group of participants, from wireless tech experts to a high school teacher, we tackled the education challenges with experts and hacked the hardware. We gained new insight on how to reach a wider audience and how to take their wishes and needs on board.

During the workshop we discussed a test build of the new AstroPlant casing kit V5.0 , that was co-developed with Pezy Group, gave a sneakpreview on latest full working Astroplant electronic kit and showed the latest preview of the learning app we are working on in co-operation with MobGen.

In the second day of the conference our team had the chance to join a workshop on sustainability and analysed with a group how AstroPlant can be more resourceful and become eventually a circular endeavour.  So enough food for thought until the new year!

3 months ago

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