Innovation Exchange 4 Dec at ESA-ESTEC

AstroPlant and ESA host the upcoming innovation exchange events at ESA-ESTEC, Europe’s space technology center in Noordwijk. The B2B event will be an opportunity for organisations to get a deeper insight into the AstroPlant mission. Discover more about AstroPlant while getting inspired by lectures and creative sessions on the future of food on earth and in space. Do you want to be involved? Make sure you register here.

Aerial view of ESA's technical centre ESTEC (Source Wikimedia)

The event aims to solidify the strategic transition from vision to reality in Europe. Typically, Innovation Exchanges aim at fostering synergies between terrestrial R&D and space exploration R&D through the organization of a series of focused working-together events creating the opportunity for an open exchange with non-space companies, industrial associations, academia, user groups and other relevant actors on identifying the potential for SPIN-OUTs and the SPIN-Ins and involvement in the project by different parties.

The ESA Innovation Exchange will aim to identify synergies between AstroPlant activities and activities that support space exploration and potentially identify and define opportunities for collaboration. The half-day workshop is intended to match the AstroPlants strategic needs with the ESA ones and importantly with those of new stakeholders in Europe.

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1 year ago