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Want to join as a school? As a developer? Please email us at info@astroplantio

We need experts

Remember this is an open source project and all developers are working on it on a voluntary basis. But yes, we are working towards building a thriving, conscious company that can sustain its efforts and pay out its employees. To be clear, we do sell kits and commitment and effort will be paid out accordingly, but depends on sales.

We do need your expertise and joyful company in our new office at The New Farm, IRL or in VR. Part-time.

Backend developer (Python)

The high-level roadmap for the backend and website:

  • Improve API such that it is is able to perform all actions performable through the website (naturally, ideally with as little duplicate code as possible)

Improve downloading of data

  • implement a method to dump all gathered data
  • for per-kit data, allow users to select the timeframe they are interested in

Improve real-time graphing for kit dashboards

  • to reduce load, implement a way for real-time measurements to only be sent by kits to the backend when real-time data is requested by a client
  • Perhaps make graphing configurable by backend operators (e.g. defining sensible ranges for the various physical units)
  • Verify deployed backend instances can operate at scale (e.g. using Daphne + uwsgi, check the config in and test using multiple background workers)

Plant scientist (FILLED!)

To help us with everything related to developing scientific protocols, challenge us and the design, co-design the LED system and work on testing other sensors, and more.

Educator / learning designer

Do you know how to engage young people and activate their inner scientist? We’re currently running pilots and this offers us a great opportunity to develop engaging, interactive, challenging learning activities and programmes for different age groups and domains.

Fundraiser / business developer

Work with us on finding new, relevant funding opportunities for AstroPlant. Both national and international/EU funds. And approach potential partners for collaboration and partnerships.

So how to contribute?

AstroPlant is an open source project: both the software and hardware are openly licensed. Even the designs of our own PCBs are available online, so you can have a go and modify or manufacture those yourselfs.

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