Engaging a new generation of urban and space farmers

Humanity is approaching a Food Revolution. One of the major challenges that we are facing is to sustainably feed a growing human population in an increasingly hostile world.

In the last decades, the shared environmental concern regarding conventional agricultural practices has encouraged humans to explore other ways of producing food. Monoculture and use of insecticides have caused an alarming decline of insects of 75% in the last 25 years. Climate change is making conventional agriculture less reliable. One of the most promising solutions to our current food crisis is hydroponics in controlled environments, a method of growing plants without soil. With these methods, plants can be grown in a large variety of environments: from areas with extreme climate conditions to space! AstroPlant builds technology and human capacity to tackle food crises on our planet head one as well as laying a foundation for growing crops on Mars.

To be successful in our mission of sustainably feeding humanity, collaboration is key! We want to build a knowledge-based community of highly diverse people that share the same passion for food science and technology and who are eager to boost human development. By establishing a global open-source community of passionate individuals, Astroplant wants to play a catalytic role in the development of food systems that can sustain the life on Earth and beyond! The data generated by the community will be used to accelerate the learning process for the creation of realiable closed loop food systems. Do you want to work on next generation life support systems for space or other extreme environments? Or you’re concerned about how we’re going to sustainably feed ourselves and our kids the comoing decades? Then join this mission!

Our mission is to:

  • Stimulate innovation and shared knowledge for planet Earth and beyond.
  • Promote cross-fertilisation of ideas between passionate and diverse people.
  • Provide solutions for sustainable food production and human development.


  1. ENGAGE. Join a shared journey to build a community of enthusiastic citizen scientists and experts across the globe.
  2. CHALLENGE & EXPERIMENT. Step forward with new ideas, put them to the test and question yourself. Start all over again.
  3. SHARE. Promote understanding, interaction, and creativity and facilitate your local community of AstroPlanters.
  4. CELEBRATE. Inspire a new generation of food innovators and celebrate contributions to science and innovation.


AstroPlanters are experts, amateurs, urban farmers, space geeks, scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs.


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