Lab Session #3 – Mars Farm (updated program)

****Location: East-West House, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Time: 4pm – 10pm (and on)

Do you dream about food’s next frontiers? Ever imagine yourself on a mission to Mars and are asked what 10 kinds of plants you will have to eat for the rest of your life? Do you tinker in sensors, vertical farming, building impact ventures or Blockchain? Are you a chef who could build a ten-course meal for an international space station full of hungry astronauts?

If any of these futuristic ideas sound like fantasy, then meet us in the cusp of reality at the first ever Mars Farm meetup on December 14. Joining us will be international guests from Border Labs from Holland, and sponsored by flux ( and MELiSSA, where together we will emerge with 4 challenges and solutions for our future’s food:

  1. New models for practical vertical farming in any city on earth, the moon and Mars
  2. Plants talk, we listen. This workshop works to understand the 6th+ senses of plants, and builds a new international standard language and consortium for Earth to Machine learning
  3. Blockchain, food, farms and space. How will distributed agriculture benefit space agronomy? (canceled)
  4. Chef’s challenge — build the ultimate menu for space-bound tastebuds and realities.

There are 50 spaces for 4 workshops – check out workshops details below. Space is limited.

Price: free.
When: Wed Dec. 14 from 4pm to 6pm (workshops) and 7-10pm+ (mini-conference)
Where: East West House Tel Aviv Yafo

From 7 to 10 PM we release the results to the universe and meet interesting startups and personalities connected to and intersecting at the Space/Food nexus. The grand challenge is to create sustainable food systems and cities in space, which are ideas that will also work on our Planet Earth. Meet the food astronauts at the pitch and inspire event from 7 to 9 PM, with networking until 10 PM+ into the night.

Event partner: Flux



10 to 15 People per workshop + additional astronauts circulating in the mix


Led by Amichai Yifrach and Christel Paille (through Skype)
We yearn to speak with extra-terrestrials, but there is already a universe of languages spoken by plants and our natural world. If we intend on farming more sustainably on earth, we have to get serious about learning this language so we can grow plants more in-sync with our needs and theirs.
This workshop is led by Amichai Yifrach, military man and white hat hacker, who is the co-founder and CTO of flux ( He is building Eddy, hardware and software listening to the 6th and nth senses of plants and environmental data. The device has practical implications for home growing on hydroponics in consumer and commercial applications and is perfect for gleaning grow wisdom for space farmers.
In this workshop, we will be looking into the flux approach and building an international standard for collecting environmental data, and extend this to space science with MELiSSA and the citizen science project called ‘The Plant Characters’. This project aims to develop an open source hydroponics kit to monitor plant growth under controlled conditions. Scientific output is used by the MELiSSA consortium in their quest to develop technologies and systems for a ‘Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative’ (MELiSSA). The kit itself will be useful to hydroponics growers to optimize plant growth and conduct experiments.
Participants in this workshop will work on the design of the kit (what sensors and data will be needed), and at the same time develop open ‘sensing’ standards for hydroponics Internet of Plants.


***led by ***Lavi Kushelevich
Lavi is a well-known urban farmer and consultant in Israel, who is involved in numerous ventures and projects with a social impact (e.g. educational projects, refugee projects). He believes that the technology to make cities highly self-sufficient is there already; the biggest obstacle is institutional. To enable a more rapid integration of urban farming practices he is developing a framework and implementation model focused on building urban farming infrastructures in cities across the world. This model can extend to the moon and Mars. In this session, you will learn about this framework and help develop it. Participants will be asked to commit themselves to prepare a proposition to introduce an urban farming solution in their own town.


***led by ***Matan Field
Matan Field is founder and CEO of Backfeed, a blockchain based collaboration solution, and previously founded La’Zooz, a decentralized collaborative transportation system in Israel. Coming from the field of Physics research, Matan has grown to develop innovative open-source solutions based on principles of decentralization and technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain to maintain trust and providing incentives for appropriate participation. During this workshop, participants will use these far-out and futuristic concepts to come up with a vision for a future distributed urban farming infrastructure.


led by Oren Ravid
You are chosen to lead the first mission to Mars. You and your crew have to decide what to bring, and most importantly, how to survive. You and your crew includes a chef, a farmer, a nutritionist, an engineer: what will you eat? What and how will you cook it?

Choose your ingredients and make a ‘recipe for space’. Make sure it’s tasty. And nutritious… Will you live getting to Mars right? What about alcohol, chocolate? What about the psychological effects of eating certain foods. And your physical health: plants as medicines? Think about the ingredients, and the plants and herbs that produce these ingredients: they need space and time to grow. Participants in this group will develop innovative solutions to feeding our future astronauts.
‘Recipes for Space’ will result in an improved framework for this challenge, before launching this competition aimed at top-chefs across the globe. An initial attempt to formalize this concept has been done in London, see notes about this workshop in this Google Document.


Bring something vegetarian to share. There will also be soup.

7-10 Presentations and networking (register here)

Between 7 and 10 we will have a mini-conference, starting with an introduction by the event’s organizers who each have their own ideas about the future of food. This is followed by a recap of the outcomes of the afternoon workshops, and several other inspiring people.  There will be plenty of time to network and a list of attendees will be made available before the event.

10 to ?: Local restaurants and bars

The best conversations transcend time and Space!  So after 10 (and cleaning up the venue) we’ll leave the East West House to explore the local nightlife in Jaffa.

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