New design!

This is somewhat of a short post, but I need to get it out, we have a new AstroPlant casing design (designed by our esteemed product designer Gernot Kuenzel)! It’s quite fabulous, let us know what you think!


So we’re nearing completion of fourth prototype version, and with our electronics partner AvioniCS are developing a custom AstroPlant extension shield to accommodate all the sensors and actuators and allow for modification and extensions. AstroPlant is part of a final year educational project in Gent, and will soon be tested by various maker-spaces and scientists in Europe.

You will be able to download and fabricate the kit yourself (in November we expect to open source all designs). In addition, we will offer a plug and play version on KickStarter to teachers, students, urban farmers, and anyone interested (beginning of 2018).

Our goal is to manufacture and distribute 1000+ kits across the world to participate in this educational citizen science project by September 2018.

1 year ago