We’ve completed and tested the design for version 5.0 and are now running a public pre-sale campaign to get the funds for production.

If you’re interested, please contact Thieme and let him know you want to be part of the selected group that will work with the first batch of AstroPlant kits.

PS. Please also check out other posts with recent school and other experiences with AstroPlant to get an idea of how AstroPlant has been used so far.

Version 5.0 is an almost plug-and-play DIY plant lab kit using the GHE Water Farm hydroponic system, and our RPi connected system with a 3-channel controllable LED system (using OSRAM LEDs), several sensors (temperature, water temperature, humidity, CO2, light) and a camera. All electronics and sensors are integrated into a compact top panel. The kit includes seeds, nutrition, netcups, and other necessary materials to start space farming.

You have the option of three versions: the DEV version (€300, just the custom extension shield and LED board) for those who already have endless supplies of sensors and actuators and want to integrate everything, the MAKER kit at €500, which includes all the electronics and the hydroponics system but without the exterior (you can find the designs on our Github), the REGULAR edition which is a plug-n-play system for schools at €1000. We’re quite glad we’re able to offer the regular edition with €300 discount for schools!