We made AstroPlant 4.0 today!

Nearly then.. but we’ve come a long way the last couple of weeks. To sum it up:

  1. Based on Sidney’s suggestions and requirements, our electronics partner AvioniCS developed the AstroPlant RPi Extension Shield to connect all our sensors and produced four PCBs we can use for testing and prototyping;
  2. Seppe managed to finalise the design of the custom LED system, including the right resistors and now connected to the Extension shield and controlled by the Raspberry Pi;
  3. An improved and more rigid design of the fourth prototype by Gernot and Tiago.

Today we came together at the fabulous CRE8 makerspace in Amsterdam to build our fourth prototype. Gernot, Sidney, Seppe, Tai, and myself, plus David (had been at the previous hackathon) and a new face Heidi, who is iOS developer and designer and has offered to help us build an iOS app for AstroPlant (yeah!).

Some pictures, because pictures can sometimes tell a story better.


Extension Shield!








1 year ago