Multispectral Imaging for Astroplant

To better understand plant growth we find, integrate, and build cheap and accessible technologies; this update concerns the development of a multispectral camera for AstroPlant.

1 month ago

Protocols in progress

Thanks to Seppe Salari (who is now working on his startup Smart Crops), the Astroplant kit has a good biological…

4 months ago

A small biosphere on the moon

Hurray for the Chinese space programme! They landed on the moon, and not just that, they also brought a miniature…

4 months ago

Strategy and plans for 2019

First of all, we wish all peaceful space farmers a very productive and healthy 2019. AstroPlant enables a large, committed…

4 months ago

Good community and feedback @thingscon020 in BlueCity

Great participants at Thingscon 2018 conference boosted Astroplant to new level during our dedicated workshop. Good feedback, good people, great food, and we found two people interested to actively contribute to the AstroPlant mission and tech.

4 months ago

A #spacefarming anthroponics experiment by six young girls in Groningen

Last year, a group of 6 talented girls aged 10 to 13 years old starting hacking AstroPlant as a contribution to the global FIRST LEGO LEAGUE ‘Into Orbit’ programme. So far they’ve built the kit, programmed and tested out the sensors, added a new water circulation system, and experimented with urine (their own) to see the effects on plant health (a discipline called ‘anthroponics’). It appears that nightly urine is more suitable for plants than morning urine. Right now they’re in contact with one of the biologist volunteers in the AstroPlant network to improve their setup and advance their knowledge about the topic.

5 months ago


AstroPlant is an open source project: both the software and hardware are openly licensed. Even the designs of our own…

5 months ago

AstroPlant Helvetica

AstroPlant has reached the Alps. A bright young student in the beautiful and small country of Switzerland took up the…

11 months ago

State of the Art – space plants

This video nicely explains the current research being done on growing plants in space. The surprising role (or lack thereof)…

12 months ago

Join us!

Remember this is an open source project and all developers are working on it on a voluntary basis. But yes,…

12 months ago

Updates from Ghent

As we all know, the first real test case of the AstroPlant kit has been the deployment at the St…

1 year ago

The AstroPlant framework

One of the intriguing challenges of the AstroPlant project is the design of the electronic hardware and software systems underlying…

1 year ago

Innovation Exchange at ESA ESTEC

With 60 attendees, we had a fabulous afternoon discussing the future(s) of AstroPlant. Encouraged by all the positive feedback and…

1 year ago

We made AstroPlant 4.0 today!

Nearly then.. but we’ve come a long way the last couple of weeks. To sum it up: Based on Sidney’s…

1 year ago

Innovation Exchange 4 Dec at ESA-ESTEC

AstroPlant and ESA host the upcoming innovation exchange events at ESA-ESTEC, Europe‚Äôs space technology center in Noordwijk. The B2B event…

1 year ago

What does it do, exactly?

AstroPlant is hardware, software, and electronics as well as a great team, and a growing international community of hackers, farmers,…

1 year ago

Introducing the team

Sidney Niccolson I am a software engineer by training with a background in bio-informatics. I’ve been working mostly on the…

1 year ago

New design!

This is somewhat of a short post, but I need to get it out, we have a new AstroPlant casing…

2 years ago

What is AstroPlant?

AstroPlant is an educational citizen science project with the European Space Agency to engage a new generation of space farmers,…

2 years ago