Grow Plants in Space

AstroPlant works with the European Space Agency on the fascinating and longterm mission to create small-scale artificial ecosystems for space. AstroPlant aims to engage makers, citizen scientists and explorers young and old to work with an open source research kit and do experiments. In the process you learn about technologies and science underpinning regenerative, circular and closed-loop life support systems. Not just for space, but for our beautiful planet as well.

sattelite-view of the planet mars

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Grow with the Community

AstroPlant is an open source project meaning that it is open to everyone, and is building for everyone. There are many ways of contributing to the project. You can buy one of the kits, tinker with it and collect valuable data, or you can help us improve our community platform. You can teach or learn biology, plant carrots or simply follow our news feed, and spread the word about our amazing community of Space Farmers.

Everyone can be a Space Farmer.

Community Platform


The community platform is the place where you access your data and control your kits. It also is the dashboard that connects you to other AStroPlanters globally. We are building a community infrastructure centered around community projects and project ideas, so if you have one that deserves a place on the platform, please fill in this form and we'll put it on there when we launch. We already have projects on seed bombs, new kit designs, and of course MELiSSA's plant characterisation project.

mock-ups from the astroplant community platform
a sattelite view of the planet earth

Space research starts from Earth

All the ways you can become a Space Farmer. There’s no better time than now.

A boy holding some 3D printing plastic at a convention

Start Hacking

You can help develop AstroPlant open-source hardware and software.

A boy holding some 3D printing plastic at a convention

Grow plants for space

Buy an Astroplant Kit, and start growing plants and collecting data to help space exploration move forward.

A boy holding some 3D printing plastic at a convention

Join the Community

Grow with the community on Slack, exchange ideas and talk about AstroPlant.